Murals & Large Paintings
By Joe Sambataro
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  Murals & Large Paintings

Over the years, I have been commissioned to paint large-format originals (up to 12×60 feet) by both U.S. and foreign governments, state capitols, cities, commercial entities and individuals. Murals can either be painted directly on a wall, or on other surfaces and attached to a wall. In some cases, multiple murals can be sequenced on a wall to form the complete image.

Paris Proposal
  A special commemoration of a marriage proposal
Paris Proposal - a Sambataro original commemorating a friend's marriage proposal to his wife
Dolphin Castle
  Underwater Fantasy
Dolphin Castle - Underwater Fantasy
Three Graces
Another large-scale painting by Sambataro: Three Graces
Gainesville Remembered
  Gainesville, Texas Centennial Painting
A Mural by Sambataro - 1976 American Centennial
Italian Club of Milwaukee
Another Sambataro Mural - Italian Club of Milwaukee - Summerfest
Italian Club of Dallas
Italian Heritage is a special large painting donated by me to the Italian Club of Dallas because of their wonderful work in the community and their support of me as an American Italian Artist.
With their help I was able to track my family from the small town in Sicily (where my father was born) to their arrival in the U.S. I was also able to rediscover the traditions and foods of the Italian way of life. Since my father was not there for me as a child, I was introduced to this vibrant culture by the Club and was welcomed in as part of their family. I am so glad I had the opportunity to create this painting for them and all the American Italians that will see it.
Another Sambataro Mural - Italian Club of Dallas - Italian Heritage Painting
  American Eagle & Flag
Freedom - American Eagle & Flag
Wind City
  Metropolitan Wind Symphony
Wind City - Metropolitan Wind Symphony
Artist with Life-size Portraits
  "The Replicator" (a friend)
  "Grandpa" (Wife's Grandfather)
Artist with Life-size Portraits: 'The Replicator' (a friend), 'Grandpa' (Wife's Grandfather)